about (me)

a torso of emmy wearing the teal live laugh lug shirt and holding a very large silver tabby cat named phil

terrible picnic is emmy, and i am emmy. i come up with these ideas and illustrate them and turn them into stencils and painstakingly transform them into screens that i use to print on various wearable materials. those materials are most often in the form of t-shirts

i have used etsy for years and i have had a slew of issues with etsy for years. those issues range from the impossibility to get any specialised assistance, the prevailing aesthetic i associate with pinterest loving karens, etsy's recent banning of certain items showing support for Palestine while allowing products that directly support the Israeli government in their militant destruction of Gaza, and the wildly biased algorithm they have developed in relation to these gripes

so now i am here. my most recent and continuing gripe with shopify has been their failure to tell you all the DNS settings you need to change before transferring a domain. but the customer support i got in remedying one issue was quick and efficient. the other issues i didn't pick up on until noticing i hadn't received any email in 12 days (which would often be welcome and nothing to complain about). now i know more about DNS stuff at least. including what DNS stands for