Can you ship international?

yes read this

How long does it take to get stuff in the mail?

I typically print on fridays and saturdays and ship saturday morning. so if you order it monday or thursday it will probably ship on saturday. sometimes i procrastinate and don't get to the post office in time and stuff goes in the mail on monday. sometimes i oversell and need to order more shirts and i feel bad and i will print as soon as it comes in and ship in the middle of the week. 

tldr: about a week

Returns and Exchanges?

I will accept returns as an exchange if I make a mistake. If you change your mind, sell it on ebay. Most things are made to order and returns give me a headache. If you order yourself the wrong size, you can exchange it and pay for shipping both ways. Get in touch with me and I can generate you a shipping label to make your life easier

Will you print on Comfort Colors? They're so soft and pretty

Absolutely not. idk if Comfort Colors was once nice, but since 2015 they have been owned by Gildan, and Gildan is a piece of shit company that values profit over people

How's Phil doing?

Beginning around January 20, 2024, I noticed he looked more svelte than he has in recent weeks. Diet is definitely working

As of December 25th, 2023, he is back on a diet. I already think he looks thinner and younger, and I am trying very hard not to give him food when he starts attacking plants