Alrighty we have 2 (or 3) shipping options right now:

Option 1: I am going to be using Etsy for the time being for international orders. Duties and customs will apply here and I have no way around that. They're helpful in collecting all the necessary information and I would need to buy extensions or applications and stuff to do that here. I am not incredibly tech savvy and I have no intention of growing in that direction

Option 2: You use PayPal to pay me that way.

Include a message with what you would like to buy and pay the item total plus:

  • $20usd for shipping for 1 shirt and up to 10 stickers (8oz) 
  • $30usd for 2-3 shirts and however many stickers (16oz)
  • $2usd for every 5 or so stickers (up to an ounce)

paypal @terribleemmy if you would like to pay duties and customs and all that jazz

paypal @franchpress 'friends & family' if you would like to avoid all of those things

Option 3: Have it mailed to your american friend's address and they can include it with your birthday present they're sending you