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Live Laugh Lug Stickers

Live Laugh Lug Stickers

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Die Cut Lug Stickers! I couldn't spend all that time stippling these things and not make stickers. You can buy all 5 together, just the lugs, or just the text

The text stickers are clear stickers so there's none of that unsightly white within the 'ugh'. One is a yellowy green like the seat lug and the other is brown. I stuck the brown one on the NDS side of my brown bike but it didn't bode well for photos - too subtle. and it accentuated the clear bit which i didn't love on my shiny bicycle

Printed by Sticker Mule so they are all those resistant things like weather resistant, water resistant, peel resistant, sun resistant, etc and thick and matte and just all around nice

text stickers are an inch high and 5.42 inches wide
lug stickers  are a size you can gauge with that above knowledge

stickers always have free shipping

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