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Terrible Picnic’s Terrible Gift Card

Terrible Picnic’s Terrible Gift Card

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ok, ok, it's not really that terrible of a gift card. it works just like any old gift card except that it can be used HERE on terrible picnic for whatever is sold here. if your friend is having a bad day, a little 5 dollar gift card is a nice way to cheer them up like "hey buy yourself a sticker!". if it's a properly terrible day, dare i say pick a higher denomination. gift cards are also for good days of course. 

this is a digital gift card. you will be emailed the code and such, or you can choose your sad friend as the recipient and they will be emailed the card and you can write them a message and choose when you want them to receive it - like if you know they are going to the dentist on thursday morning, schedule it for that day when they're numb with novocaine and lamenting their absurd bill because they haven't been a responsible flosser

if you want some specific denomination that is near and dear to your heart, you can write me a nice message and i will consider doing it for you. but you can also do math and buy multiple cards to create that number which is a cute idea in my humble opinion

they never expire so naturally they will be more and more useful as i offer more things but also less and less valuable because of inflation. if only everything was as rock solid as a usps forever stamp


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